Vespa moped repairs and services

When we receive inquiries about Vespa and whether or not we service or sell them, our answer is always, “It depends.” The iconic American image of a Vespa is something like this:


1946 Vespa 98 – a true vintage scooter.   –


More often than not, this is what “Vespa” means to people seeking our help. And when that’s the case, we have to inform them that this is a scooter and, unfortunately, we cannot help them beyond referring them to an official Vespa dealership.

But on the occasions where the Vespa in question is a Vespa moped (motor and pedals), we gladly assist in any way possible.

1968 Vespa Ciao moped.   –    Myron’s Mopeds


Here’s one of our tuned up Vespa mopeds in action!

Nice stock Vespa Caio. Cleaned up, tuned up & starting easily with new tires, tubes, chain, fender, & more. #mopeds #getcool #vespa

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