Sachs Seville (SOLD)


Motor: The 2.7hp (30mph+) Sachs 505D  German one speed automatic motor was the most powerful stock moped motor ever offered.  It has been cleaned, tuned, and slightly de-restricted through the new larger expansion chamber exhaust .  It is currently hitting just over 30 with great low end take off.  With the low end take off, long storage seat, and buddy pegs; this is a perfect bike for hauling, riding dubs, or modifying for additional speed.

Body:  This delux step-through has all of the bells and whistles offered on stock mopeds; IRC ZAP Tires and Tubes, Speed rated at 75mph sitting on Magnesium alloy wheels with super fun rear foot brake; hydraulic suspension; racks & racks; under seat storage; huge gas tank; buddy pegs; what more could you ask for!

Out of stock

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