Moped 101


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Exciting news! Detroit Moped Works is now offering UNDERSTANDING MOPED CLASSES! The content will be “how to,” with a heavy emphasis on understanding “WHY?!?!”

The curriculum of our first class will focus on the three most important things in mopeds; free movement, spark, and fuel delivery. We will teach diagnosis and correction; through understanding how each component works.

This information is the foundation you need before taking your moped adventures to the next level . With this knowledge, any future information thrown at you will make way more sense.
Plus… this knowledge will save you time and money. If your bike poops out on the side of the road, the info in this first class will get you back on the road *most* of the time. If your bike ran in the fall, but won’t in the spring, this class will be what you need to get it back on the road. If you are buying some POS from CL, this bike will give you the info needed to make sound purchase decisions and get that bike on the road too.

We will also teach you how to buy the right parts the first time – which will definitely save you time, money, and aggravation.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, this class will make it so you can spend the more time riding and less time just staring at your sad moped… Wah Wa…

The first few classes offered will be the LOW LOW price of $45 for a 2-3 hour class. (Once we have run through this class a few times, the price will jump to $65, so get it now).

***Top Sekrat News, we are in the planning stages of an “understanding mopeds” YouTube Channel. These in-person classes will help us hammer down the most important things to teach online, so sign up now to get ahead of the curve and help us help the people!