1978 Yellow JCPenney Pinto - Full Motor Rebuild, GOTTA GO FAST (SOLD)


Sold in 2017 for $1560.72

The JCPenney Pinto was a moped imported for sale in the JCPenney catalog from the Austrian manufacturer Kromag, with a Puch E50 engine. The Pinto was the top of the line for the JCPenney moped models (the Swinger being the lower-cost model). All Pintos have a chromed tank, a 40mph speedometer, and stainless steel fenders. The standard Pinto was available in red or yellow. All models featured decals on the tank stating the model name, and a sticker on the flywheel indicating the horsepower rating. Dimensions are length 66.9, width 27.1654, height 40.15748, weight 103.617. Owners of the Pinto will find the Puch repair manual from ’80/’81 to have matching engine, wiring, carburetor, and timing settings information. Fans of the Pinto applaud that it is “solid and lightweight.”

Like all American Puch mopeds, they were available in 1, 1.5, and 2hp ratings. This was a 1.5hs (25mph) moped to start – BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT – THIS MOPED HAD A COMPLETE ENGINE OVERHAUL AND NOW HITS 40MPH SO YOU CAN USE IT ON REAL ROADS! Per the parts list below, this bike has undergone a complete rebuild so the motor now features a needle bearing racing crank shaft (ByeBye Brass Bushing), aftermarket cylinder with much larger ports (So Much More Air Flow!), high compression head, 15mm carburetor and intake (up from the stock 12mm), 24mm performance exhaust (from 19mm stock), and a CDI electronic ignition (No More Stupid Points!)

Along with the engine overhaul, this ped has a slew of new parts from new safe modern tires, new cables, grips, pedals, etc. This bike will be tons of fun for years to come!

*ADDED BONUS – This moped now features a super cool long seat not shown in photographs!


All vehicles purchased online must be picked up from our flagship store on Michigan Avenue within one week of online payment.  If you live in the metro Detroit area but don’t have a way to get your new whip home, we can have out our fun and friendly staff deliver it right to your front door! (Full priced purchases only.)

National shipping is available for RESTORED MOPEDS, E-Bikes, and/or Electric Scooters.  National shipping can be arranged through U-Ship at the buyer’s expense. We expect it to be $200-$300 depending on location.

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WHAT YOU GET! Retail Cost
JC Penney Pinto with Puch e50 Motor $1,146.06
Full Motor Rebuild (New Bearings, Seals, Gaskets) $250.00
puch moped race crankshaft unstuffed $90.00
puch 50cc K-Star cylinder kit – 45mm $69.00
puch 50cc hi compression head – New style fins $30.00
puch moped square port 15mm intake for BING carburetors $12.00
bing 15mm CLONE carburetor puch moped – version 1.5 $50.00
puch moped stock looking performance pipe by tecno 24mm ID $39.99
puch e50 CDI complete adventure pack $75.00
ATOMIC non-resistor ignition wire & boot – YELLOW CLOTH – 2 foot $21.00
NGK spark plugs – B6HS – short thread $3.00
sava MC11 moped racing tire – 17 x 2.00 (2@$28) $56.00
More expensive moped inner tube – 17″ 2.00 / 2.25 (2@$8) $16.00
[Tube & Tire Install Labor] $60.00
silver 415 chain $20.00
Silver 410 chain $10.00
CHROME pedal arm set for your moped and his and hers and mine too $28.00
moped 12mm SUPER cock $15.00
bluesteel clear BLUE polyurethane fuel line 3/16″ (5mm) $2.00
crystal pyramid fuel filter – 1/4″ $4.00
puch moped new cables E50 one speed party pack $31.50
wellgo black plastic pedals $12.99
black STROOPWAFEL cube-tech grips $3.99
TOTAL: $2,045.53

Additional information









GPS Speed

~40 MPH


10 (Engine has been rebuilt)

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